Gezfeel skeleton mechanical waterproof wood watch
August 9, 2019
Gezfeel waterproof mechanical wooden watches for Men
August 9, 2019

Best Mechanical Watches

Best Mechanical Watches 

Shenzhen Gezfeel Watch Co Limited is among the top companies which manufactures the best mechanical watches. We do not only cater to the demand of local customers, but we also export our products overseas. Our foreign clients reside in various countries, including Italy, Mexico, Chile, Canada, USA and other European countries. All the customers express their satisfaction regarding our products. We are located at 3/F,Zhengqilong Building, Gushu 1st Road, Xixiang, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China.

Manual or mechanical watches work in an almost similar fashion like a quartz one. The intricate mechanism in the best mechanical watches can often be explained as art. Sometimes, the reading time turns out to be an afterthought as these classic mechanical watches become something else. Contrary to a quartz movement, a mechanical watch takes energy from the wound mainspring to give power the required watch, instead of a battery. The spring transports energy via a number of gears and springs.

The best mechanical watches provide exceptional longevity. A well-built Mechanical watch will last for a long time if handled properly. Also, you do not need to be concerned about its battery replacement. To replace battery always brings inconvenience. Moreover, many mechanical wrist watches are made up of clear sapphire casing on their back. The casing provides a clear view of the aesthetic oscillations and rotations of the minutes working parts.

Best Mechanical Watches Supplier in China

Gezfeel is the associate enterprise of Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co., Limited. We are operating in wrist watch manufacturing industry for over a decade. We produce a variety of showing devices apart from mechanical watches. The range includes casual, fashion ladies specific, stainless steel, silicon gift and alloy gift watches. In spite of watches, we provide our ODM and OEM services to our valued clients. We have various certificates for testing our products. Our certifications include FSC, ROHS, etc. Furthermore, we offer customized logo for our products as well. Similarly, we supply a bulk quantity of readymade watches to our e-commerce clients too.

We have six different variations in our mechanical watches categories. They are named as wooden watches, men’s watches, stainless steel watches, alloy watches, love or couple, and women’s watches. For more information, click the mechanical watches tab.

We operate with 300 employees who work tirelessly for us. Due to their efforts, we have established our name in the wrist watch industry. To buy the best mechanical watches, you have landed on the right page.


weight: 150g.

type: wrist watch

size: Watch Face : (approx)Male, 3.8CM.

and Length: (approx) 23cm

Band width : (approx)2.0cm

Case Material: Stainless Steal+ GLASS

Display mode: Showing precise time

Place of production: China (mainland), Shenzhen City

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